About Us


Nayee Asha is a social organization that has been working for the upliftment of the Mahadalit family of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh for the last two decades. The foundation of the institution was laid by Dr. Bhim Singh Bhavesh in 2002. The registration of the institution took place in 2004 under the Societies Registration Act 21,1860 in the month of June.

Our Background History

Nayee Asha started their journey with an awareness camp at Jawahar Tola in the Bhojpur district. Then the District Magistrate Sanjay Kumar distributed blankets and organized health camps among the needy. And in this way, they are gradually established by various social and humanitarian actions. Dr. Bhim Singh Bhavesh once visited the Mahadalit community in one place as a reporter to cover their plight. But when he went there, he saw

their helplessness and he shed tears for them, and then he decided to be stand by them. As soon as Our organization started its journey started providing more benefits for them and stood by them as their guardian.

What Did We Do?

Its main objective is to work for the development of the deprived Dalit Tribes which has been started by a group of dedicated professionals. The company has had a number of positive effects on its intervening trust in the short term. Our organization does not want to limit its work to the state of Bihar but extends its services to Dalit, Mahadalit people all over India by reaching out to villages in remote areas. Nayee Asha has been working with these Dalits for the last 20 years far away from the mainstream, developmental facilities, vocational training, education, and first aid facilities.
Nayee Asha believes that not only materialistic development can solve the problems of the Dalit area, but also the need to develop an attitude and understanding of their cultural and traditional practices. Education is a tool of social change for those Dalits and education can be very beneficial for them. The organization has its own governing body consisting of board members, dedicated to most of its work in Dalit areas. The staff of this organization includes people from different areas. They have been instrumental in inspiring community groups and social organizations to take the masses to enhance the quality of life and practice staff.
The most important focus of the organization is to create a humane attitude full of basic necessities and care and concern for their lives. Our organization plans to go a long way in understanding the needs of those people and ensuring their lives full of peace and happiness. We agree that these cannot be done alone but that every person, young or old, man or woman, rich or poor, needs support and cooperation. We are proud to say that all these individuals have contributed to the development of the organization and now the organization has made significant progress in the social and economical development of Dalits, vocational training, health and education, women’s development, and various other fields. It is actually a unique multifaceted welfare organization of its kind. One eventful year after another adds history to the organization. The program of the organization is recognized by the government of Bihar.

Nayee Asha’s mission is to provide a better future for the Mahadalit community. Improve their lifestyle & protect them by minimizing their miseries with the contribution of our multipurpose work & well-being. We are on a mission to provide health, total education, and a proper shelter that is completely secured to the ones who cannot afford it and are a part of the lower tier of the economic chain.

We seek a happy, healthy society for those helpless with core values. Basic needs and equal opportunities for society to be a better place to live in! Our contemplation is to work for educational, social, and economical upliftment. Also to Provide health care services and facilities in the deprived section of the society. The vision of the association is typically aimed at providing for those who are unable to stand on their own and providing them with the necessary support to succeed.

Our main goal is “welfare work” to the deprived part of the society, in relation to poverty, health, or education in respect to social groups or gender may it be the elderly, women, or children. To unite at a grassroots level and find their voice to fit in the comfort of the society and guide them through the emergency life and help them meet the needs of an appropriate standard of living.