Our Activities


Campaign To Mainstream Education

Under the campaign of lighting the lamp of door-to-door education in Akhtiyarpur and Chaurai Mahadalit Musahar Tolio of Udwantnagar block by Nai Asha, continuous efforts are being made to connect the children of marginalized families with their nearby schools. Under this campaign, a special effort was made by the institution to get 100 percent enrollment of their children.
Uniforms are also arranged for going to regular school and maintaining stay in the school. Simultaneously, parents are made aware of sending their children to school. In Akhtiyarpur Mahadalit Tola, District Magistrate Dr. Pratima himself distributed the material under DM Dr. Pratima distributing the campaign material.

“Nayee Asha, our dedicated NGO, is brightening futures by offering free tuition classes to underprivileged children. We believe education is a pathway to a brighter tomorrow. Join us in our mission to empower these young minds and break the cycle of poverty through knowledge.”
“Nayee Asha, our dedicated NGO, recently provided crucial counseling to an orphaned child, inspiring him to pursue education. We believe in nurturing dreams and creating opportunities for every child. Join us in our mission to transform lives and light the path toward a brighter future through education.”
“Nayee Asha, took a significant step toward change by visiting a nearby government school. We proudly enrolled several deserving children, igniting hope and promising brighter futures. Join us in our mission to empower the next generation through education and opportunity.”


In order to connect women and men of Mahadalit Tola with self-employment by running a special campaign, a grant of ten thousand rupees was provided for goat rearing, DM Dr. Pratibha and Director of Minority Bit Nigam Bihar Saadat Hasan Mintu and the organization’s director. President Prof. Pashupati Nath Singh said that education and external employment are necessary for development. He appealed to all the members to take initiative for cleanliness and education.

Sewing Cutting Training

Sewing cutting training center run by the organization was conducted. In which efforts were made to provide training to (16) girls of Akhtiyarpur Mahadalit Tola by giving them tools related to sewing and embroidery. The girls of this village, while demonstrating their skills, learned the work of sewing as needed in a short time. Although difficulties came in front of him during this time, he learned the guru of tailoring while facing it.

Social Evils 

“Nayee  Asha, stepped  in  to  a  Social  Evil, help  a  girl  to  stop  her “Gudkadi”  and  ensured  she  had  a  proper  wedding  with all  the  rituals. We firmly  believe  in  supporting individuals’  choices  and  safeguarding  their  overall  well-being. Join  hands  with  us  in  our  mission  to  ensure  that  every  individual  has  a  fair  opportunity  to  build  a brighter  and  more  promising  future.”

Drug Eradication

One of the main reasons for the poverty and illiteracy of the Musahar caste is drug abuse.
A special awareness campaign was launched by the organization in the context of drug eradication. During the campaign, Patna Divisional Commissioner Shri K. P Ramaiah and DM Dr. Pratima, and trainee IAS have discussed in detail the harm caused by alcohol. In the field of drug eradication, many women and men took a pledge to give up alcohol. Praising this experiment of Nai Asha, Divisional Commissioner Shri Ramaiah said that today such an initiative is needed to include such tolls and marginalized people in the mainstream.

Adhaar Card Camp

A special camp has been organized for Aadhaar enrollment and related services. The camp runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. On all working days where Aadhaar registration will be free. Officials said the center could be amended with name, address, date of birth, and photograph which would require a ration card, bank passbook, PAN card, pension card, identity card issued by the educational institution, birth certificate. The camp introduced the citizenship of the country to those people, children, and persons who did not have an Aadhaar card or Citizenship certificate in accordance with all government rules.

Blanket Distribution

Our organization has distributed the Blankets to the weaker people and old age women person who are not supported by the society members, they need a hand for being supported our organization is donated to the needy peoples for their help in the old age. The donated programs were managed under the direction of our secretary. The trust has spent lots of money for this purpose during the year.

Clothing Distribution

Clothes were distributed by the organization to the poor children and old people of Mahadalit Tola, in which Renu Sharma, wife of Mandal Pramukh of PNB, provided sweaters to 70 children and girls. Along with this, one blanket and one-bed seat were distributed among 75 helpless old and very poor families by the State Bank of India at the request of the new ASHA organization. Apart from these, clothes were distributed by other organizations including Lanesse.

Health Checkup Camp

Akhtiyarpur of Udvantnagar block regularly by the organization Health camp was organized in Mahadalit Tola. Under the supervision of the Block Medical Officer, about 127 patients of the locality were treated and necessary medicines were given. Along with this, counseling was given for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases by organizing mega health camps. In the health camp, people should always be aware of their health and need ANM for timely medicine and treatment.

Hygiene Awareness 

Nayee  Asha  is  here  to  help newborn  babies  who  are living  in  very  dirty  and  unsafe  places. We  want  to  give these  babies  the  love  and  care they need to grow up healthy  and  happy. You  can  be  a part  of  this  by  joining us  in  making  a  difference  in  their  lives. Together, we can  make  sure  every  baby  has  a  chance  for  a  better future.