Our Programs


Nanhe Kadam

According to the survey, even today the education rate of Musahar society is stagnant at only 5%. In many Musahar tolls, where the population is 300 to 400, there is not a single matriculation pass. In this society, 80 percent of matriculation pass people could not be admitted, whereas only 6 to 7 percent of matriculation pass graduates. The children of the extremely poor and neglected Musahar community are benefiting from the ‘Nanhe Kadam’ campaign.

The aim of this campaign is to create awareness among children and their parents by connecting the poorest and most disadvantaged groups with the mainstream. In Musahar toll of 43 villages run by the organization, volunteers conduct education at the bridge centers. All the children in the area are given primary education for 2 hours every day. Most of the children have learned the alphabet in these bridge centers. The campaign began in August 2021 but was affected for a few days by the Corona epidemic. Your continued participation in this campaign is necessary and expected.


Library & Community Building

Libraries bring people together. They create community, and they also create mini-communities. This initiative focuses on how public libraries can become more community-centered and, by doing so, how they can transform both themselves and their communities. They will be encouraged by the establishment of the library, 

what their role has evolved and what they can actually do to restructure the discussion – the library plays an essential role in meeting the needs of the community, uniting all, and building a strong and vibrant community. So we have a responsibility to make libraries a community-centered institutions. A library will help these communities provide fellowships and build relationships between group members. And can make them live a beautiful and dignified life with their heads held high.

Nanhi Si Jaan ki Pehli Pechaan (Birth Certificate)

Birth registration is a permanent and official record of a child’s existence. A child who is not registered at birth is at risk of being deprived of an official identity, a recognized name, and the right to a nationality. Registration is an important tool for the development of a nation because the registration process means important statistical information. It is an essential 

element of the national plan for children because it provides a population base. Our organization has therefore taken this important step to get the birth certificates of all the children of that ‘Dalit Community’. The birth certificate is the child’s first right and it is the first step in establishing his identity. The birth certificate is used in compulsory cases for admission in school, as proof of working age, enrollment in the voter list, etc.

Smiling Teeth

Oral hygiene is an important part of our overall health and taking care of our teeth keeps us away from various diseases. It is also important to teach children to take proper care of their oral hygiene and to check their oral hygiene regularly. With this in mind, a dental health camp for Dalit children was organized by our organization. A team of doctors conducts regular dental checkups and prescribes medicines for reference for problems like dental problems and dental cavities. 

Many beneficiaries, including children, attend health camps and use the facilities. The doctor advised them to brush twice a day and avoid sticky, sweet things after brushing, and wash their face after every meal. The children have learned a lot and have benefited from both sessions and check-ups.

Visit Of The Adopted Village Chaurai

After working on the development of the sector concerned, Mr. Amrit Lal Meena, Chief Secretary, Rural Development, Bihar, visited the town of Chaurai to see the continuous improvement in the lives of Ashar Dalits. Incumbent DM Dr. Pratima S Verma was similarly there to shower his help to ensure that these people were taken care of.